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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  October 3, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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close. >> reporter: take a look. you can see some of the orioles have taken the field. they are ready to go. you saw all the orioles fans. the fans were looking for something to do. many went to historic ybor city. many of the old buildings are here as well as the practice of lefthand rolling si -- hand rolling cigars. >> i think them keeping up with it is bet are -- better. they are both from cuba. >> they don't have added stuff,
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just 100% natural. >> reporter: denny of firchtionberg -- finksburg agrees. >> it will always rejuvenate but to watch them roll their own, it's a nice touch. >> reporter: he and his friend traveled to orioles. with time to kill during the day -- >> e -- ybor city. >> the young kids are exceptional. it's fun to watch. >> reporter: okay. i've got three ybor city cigars with our names on it -- me, jamie and kelly. tomorrow night at camden yards. the orioles can pull those off. let's say the three of us celebrate. what do you think?
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>> you got it. a victory cigar. >> reporter: back at 5:30 some of the players. >> not only is the theme in limbo, so are we. we have more on how people spent the day working on plan c, d and e. >> reporter: it's like trying to figure out who your third cousin's nieces are on your wife's side. two games may or may not diseed. only one in four teams may and up in a wild card or two of them. you see what i meefnlt the orioles magic is back. they have post season fever. >> if the orioles wen tonight
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and the yankees lose then there's the one-game playoff. if the orioles lose tomorrow dense the yankees, they would be here friday nied against oakland and texas. i'm not sure. >> reporter: the orioles may or may not host a game thursday, friday and sunday. and for organizations like the downtown partnership, contingency plans are in motion. >> all the cultural institutions, the theater, symphony. live music clubs, restaurants. though are fine dining places that zoo have tv's. everybody is scrambling to figure out what it could mean. what can they do to mitigate that. >> reporter: the partnership has filed paper work through the
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orioles to get major league baseball's approval to make it part of the party. that; if there is a game on friday. unserpt over the o's is impacting other businesses in the warehouse. >> we don't know if they're going to shut us down or end us to work from home. there's an excitement, a buzz in the building. we don't work for the orioles bu we feel like we're a part of the orld. >> reporter: ditto to dan. >> the past few games have been great. >> reporter: disan said his son was born a few days after the last orioles playoff appearance if 1997 and he never got into them that much. now he is happy to be sporting a
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manny machado shirt. >> every sports show got this question. if this happens, then what? abc2's sports director scott garceau. >> a lot of people compare it to 1989. i think those comparisons are accurate. that one ended with a last weekend in toronto, no post season. this one is going to the post season. it's been incredible. how many team cost play 200 years and win 16 straight inning games, 11 on the run. they win the extra innings game. they might not be the best team on paper but they have star power. it's been a bunch of guys, jim thome.
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20-year-old manny machado helped move the team around. it's been a different star every night and it's been spec tack cow larp and fun to -- spectacular and fun to watch. >> you can also get the latest orioles news anytime, anywhere. just head to -- orioles. then we have a full length here of all the tweets. everybody is talking about o mazing. this woman is 38 weeks pregnant with baby number three. a lot of families sporting it. all the fans are waiting for you at orioles at you'll see your friends. all right. let's get a look at our forecast for tonight. we know no rain in tampa but
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what about here? the weather is always dry inside the dome. back here a warm humid time of the day. today is humid, warm low 80s out there and the humidity values have skyrocket ed. so it will remain humid the rest of the evening. i don't think we'll seat widespread dense fog we had last night but we'll see patchy fog and maybe a stray shower. the rest of the evening muggy. key days where we could see a game, possibly. i'll talk about the weather for those coming up. well, your electric bill could be going up under a recommendation by governor martin o'malley. he is recommending that it go toward upgrading power lines. july tens of thousands were without power for days. now o'mally wants utility
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companies to better serve their customers. it will be put into place only if approved by the public utilities commission. >> mom and dad were on the way to the hospital this morning, but apparently, the baby couldn't wait. the pair med deck and her partner helped deliv the bundle of joy. >> we got her in the back of the ambulance. it was obvious she was ready to deliver. we got our ob kit ready, prepared the mother for the delivery. baby came out this. was a smooth delivery. the father was in the back of the ambulance. it was a very emotional experience and out came a baby by. >> mr. out are loop. hey, we're told mom, dad, baby are all doing well. >> we take them to keep colds away, maybe boost our brain
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power, but do they work. a report found the over-the-counter supplements we spend billions on each year make claims on their labors that aren't -- labels that aren't backed up by the facts. the weight loss and immune boosting supplements had labels that claimed to cure or treat diseases. no evidence to prove it. >> it's really an unregulated wild west. people are taking these for all kinds of conditions and there's no evidence that they work. >> agency officials say they worry the misleading labels could end up encouraging consumers to choose them over prescriptions. health experts say people should always talk honestly with their doctors before taking such a sup plea. the all right, by far, this is one of the hottest stories on right now. jennifer livingston is a morning
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news anchor in la crosse, wisconsin. she decide -- a viewer had wren her an email reading, in parkts surely you don't consider yourself a suitable example of this community's young peernlings girls in particular. obesity is one of the worst choices a person can make and one of the most dangerous habits to make. i'm leaving you this note hoping you will reconsider as a public personality. here's how livingston respond the truth is i am overweight. you can call me fat, and yes, even obese on a doctor's chart, but to the person who wrote me that letter, do you think i don't three in that. that your cruel words are pointing out something i don't see. you don't know me. you have admitted you don't watch this show, so you know nothing about me but what you see on the outside and i am much
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more than a number on a scale. >> livingston went on to say do not let yourself worth be defined by bullies. we want to know what you think. go to do you think she was being bullied and do you think she handled the email the right way. the trouble doesn't end for mamplet a third flight in a week experiences loose seats in flight. we'll tell you what the airport thinks is going on. >> baltimore is experiencing a resurgence in baseball but towson could be heading to a drought. >> and october is breast cancer awareness month. 're taking your calls. >> and the fans are showing in their orange pride. here's a picture of heather with
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the o's bird. heather's on the left.
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expecting moms and high bloo. a study finds pregnant women can pass them along to their kids. it looked at adult men and their thinking abilities including math and language skills were assessed at 120 and 69. men born to moms who had high blood pressure during pregnant scored lower in both ages. october is breast cancer awareness month. this month we're helping you answer some of the questions with the think pink segment. give us a call at 410-481-2222.
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right now we have dr. john olson in the studio with us. we know there's a lot of research and money that's gone into it. tell us how much progress has been made in the past 10 years? >> we've made tremendous progress. october reminds us about that and we can't underestimate the importance of both the awareness that this month brings but as well the understanding and opportunity to talk about breast cancer research. in addition to early detection, there's been no single more important development in breast cancer than the research that's gone on both at the basic level in the laboratories around the country as well as in the clinic in many of our cancer centers. some examples of that that have really advanced the cause for brst cancer have been
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endocrine therapy, an appreciation for the approach to treating tumors by depriving evident -- estrogen from it. dr. brody discovered the aroma taste inhibitors. we recently did a study and we learned by allowing these women to have the drug that dr. brody helped discover anded have, that we were -- and advocate that we were able to shrink the tumors and allow the women to have breast conserving surgery rather than radical ones. that's one example of what we do. the most recent study on the genetics of breast -- breast
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cancer, it really put that type of research into fruition. you know, the emphasis that our national cancer institute has made on these types of problems have really moved things forward. i think in the future we'll expect the same type of gains. >> dr. olson, thank you very much. we'll have him through 6:30 talking to us as well as taking the calls next door. in addition to getting your questions answered, again, he will be in studio until 6:30 and the komen maryland race for the cure. you still have an opportunity to get more opportunity. just head to pink. doctor, we'll be talking with you coming up. >> thank you.
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>> cloudy day but warm temperatures. take a live look downtown. current temperatures 80 degrees at bwi in the city. we had 85 today. no trouble with that and warm, warm weather. it feels summer like. it really does, despite the cloud cover. talking about october baseball. dundalk today, you can see the clouds held tough larks little sun sneaking through at times. havre de grace today a nice looking day on the susquehanna but generally cloudy skies. laurel had a few more peeks of sunshine but for the most part you can see a great day around here but a warm day with dynamic heating on a warm southerly breeze and high humidity. so right now temperatures running in the low 80s just about the entire central part of the state into the eastern shore. that, plus these elevated humidity levels making it feel very summer like. this will be the case tonight and warm weather will persist
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into the next few days so the humidity will be dropping as we get into tomorrow and certainly friday. look what that heat plus humidity is doing ox -- doing, in the purpose 80s. we're seeing limited rain. this moisture bloom will keep bring clouds the rest of the night. it will let the sun get back into the picture by late tomorrow and friday. in the meantime we'll deal with clouds, maybe a hit or miss stray shower, a couple different frontal boundary, the first of which will clear out that steamy cloudy air. dry air moves in for friday, even late tomorrow and cooler air over the plains. that is on the way. so let's put our future trend in motion. our front make as shift -- makes
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a shift. right here, this shot of much cooler air is going to be a game changer for the weekend. we're going to struggle to get out of the 50s, maybe mid-50s. even with that coming we're talking about the tropics, big area of interest but this particular system, most of our extended track, keep it out to sea. tonight 65. mostly cloudy with patchy late fog. i do not expect heavy dense fog but there will be patchy fog, clear through the day tomorrow. 65 tomorrow night. let's check the outlook. you can see the trend is for more sunshine friday but take a look at the weekend. mid-70s as the winds whip out of the way saturday night. we'll be lucky to get into the mid-50s with rain a raw second half of the weekend. back it you. >> we just got word, real quick.
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if the yankees lose and the orioles play, we play tomorrow night at 7:15. >> a little bit more time. >> the wild card game will be friday night. >> so we're starting to get a little bit more information. >> it's all caught on tape. we had an officer punch a woman so why the woman he hit was arrested. >> she looks like she's having a good time but she's in big trouble now. >> and families who cheer for the orioles together, stay together. we got the ot. krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have.
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resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. it's our think pink house call section -- session. i note multidisciplinary approach, tell me about the role of the breast surgeon.
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>> historically patients with breast cancer were directed to the surgeon first and surgery place a critical role in care of the patient. in all forms we need to relost tumor. today, though, is part of the multidisciplinary team. we can sequin things in different fashions. so the surgeon will be involved in the very beginning and will often coordinate that team approach. it's very person that sort of multidisciplinary approach be embraced by the surgeon. >> all right. we'll be back in a couple minutes.
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a philadelphia police officer is on desk duty after punching a woman. lt. jonathan josie is being investigated. police arrested the woman with disorderly conduct. police say she threw a beer at police but the woman denies it. a player on the new jersey junior titans shoots, scores and cheers and goes right into the glassments the 18-year-old was in the hurt. his team won the game. a florida woman is in trouble after getting up close and personal with a manatee. it appears to show the woman trying to ride a manatee. did you know interfering with a manatee is against the law. can't pet them? >> no. >> second degree misdemeanor. >> they take it seriously in florida. >> the sports which could end up
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on the chopping block at towson university. >> you may worry about facebook stealing your personal information. what a new independent investigation has found. >> they came, they danced. they're out. the latest and what can surprise you for next week coming up.
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all right. you're coming home. date ri supplements are under fire after a report shows the labels are illegal. based on the report,ed fda said they will continue addressing the issue. >> baltimore county police said a woman gave birth to a baby boy on 695 between exsms 13 and


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